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Quite Annoying.. Image Rollover Problem


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Recentley I have decided to change my website into PHP pages instead of HTML. I just wanted the basic header footer body kinda layout that was simpler and made much more sense to me.

However, When I tried to create rollover images on Dreamweaver for the header and footer they worked fine individually, but when previewed with the index only 3 work! I'm completely mistified by what the hell is going on..

This is the header Individually -


This is the footer individually -


But when you view the whole thing -

Untitled Document

It goes completely to pot. (BTW I only have my header and footer done, none of the CSS is complete so its all over the place atm.)

Anyone Help?!




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Hi James,

From a quick look I imagine it's to do with the fact you have 2x Home, 2x Portfolio and 2x Contact on the page with both header and footer, so there's probably a conflict with the ID's you're referring to with the rollovers?

On a slightly different note you would be better off having that text as HTML text and specifying the rollover colours using CSS :)



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The images are different but the ID's within the code are the same...
DW had added this code....MM_swapImage('contact'
as you have the image id="contact" on both images both header and footer, so they don't rollover as there is 2x of each image id="contact", etc. Each image ID will need to be unique, as a quick fix change the IDs for the footer images to "contact2" and that should solve it.

...and yes I think it would be better having the navigation in a div, with the background image of the rounded corner grey box, etc, and then style the text using CSS and set the rollover a:hover for the div to change the text colour :)