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Quick site prototype.


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I had to blink there, WireFrame used to be a username of mine long ago - your post just took me back 8 years for a moment! But yeah, it looks clean, modern, immediate.


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Hi Will,

Not bad, but would look again at your logo spacing, think with a bit of maneouvre you could tie the logo spacing in with the wireframe in a neater way, had a quick play in Photoshop...

The untidy red blocks are to show you how you could use single and double spacing to hopefully help it all relate to each other a little better.

Hope that helps!


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Playing with some spacing right now. The wireframe is based on the 960 Grid System, so I want to keep it all within the grid. Thanks for your help!


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Okay, well, changed it up a little bit, but not a heap. Changed the spacing of the logo itself, and moved it inline with the rest of the content. Oh, and added the tagline...



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i love this design, so simple but so reliable.

gotta say i did prefer just a simple logo at the top and left justified rather than central. i also feel it's a little too much spacing between the logo and h2, compared with the rest of the layout. it's a little inconsistent there for me.
Thanks for the feedback Tim!

Played around with a few things, but it really doesn't look right with the logo and tagline all the way to the left...played around with spacing though and I definitely agree! Too much space around the tagline (not anymore) :)