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Quick opinions


Active Member
Hi Mike, not got much opinion on the colours as it just seems very empty...

Is anything being overlaid on that image? If not its a long way to push the user down the screen before getting to any content, is that the norm with myspace? I've seen a few like it...


My problem is that the background is a bit too dark and it looks duplicated or reversed?


Staff member
My main issue was the media player (and the ad) being too light in relation to the site. Not 100% keen on the menu either but I suppose it does depend on the rest of it all.

The rest of it's relatively ok to me although I'd maybe have tried to darken the sun glare a little


Senior Member
andy, there is a logo to go in there, but I still haven't finalised it yet, still in illy with loads of mess. I am uming and ahing over the specifics, so it does look a little empty, but it won't. As to the scroll distance, it's not that bad, once it goes live, and it is pretty short compared to some of the spaces I've seen.

Chris at the moment it is duplicated, but I was thinking it was a bit dark, I think it was my big concern, i think it needs to change.

Levi, the ad is never the same, so there is no way you can factor that in, some days its well designed and clean, other days its a mess. The menu was more holding space really, I think it will probably change once I finish the logo.

Thanks gents.


Staff member
Yeah I thought the ad might be a myspace thing hence why I put it in brackets as it was in my view standing out too much compared with the rest but you probably had no control over it.


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that just happens to be the one ad I screen grabbed, at the moment it is a toss up between a lost prophets ad and a flurry of text that is a complete mess!
For me, I think the background is fine once you've sorted the duplication, you'll just have to be very careful about the content.

But at the end of the day if you're not happy with it then it does it really matter what others think?
Try and get 95% happy with the piece yourself first then when you think you're nearly there as for a bit of assistance, that's the way I tend to work anyway.


Senior Member
I'm fairly happy with it, it was just a niggley feeling, which can be easily ignored by the opinions of the df bretheren!


Senior Member
I think i might drag the whole thing up a fair bit and lose some/most of the lens flair behind the ad.

I have had to shelve this for a few days in favour of work that is overdue!