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Questions for you coding genius's's's's


Senior Member
I have been asked to make a myspace for an illustrator/tee designer, and he wants the main focus of the site to be a slideshow example of his work.

MySpace - Mainframe Media - 20 - Male - New Jersey - myspace.com/mainframemedia

This is the comparison he sent me, he wants it to be different, but like the way the slideshow looks.

Now, here is my question, that player is done in flash, and I want some thoughts on how we could approach this sort of thing with out flash, so perhaps it is easier for him to update.

I know I could just use photo bucket, myspace slideshow, etc but is there something that can be done through html or css that is similar?

Or should I just give in and make it with a myspace slideshow because that will be easiest for him to update?

Any bright ideas gents? and ladies obviously.


Senior Member
There are a lot of scripts out there, ready to be used. Although I'm not sure how well, if even at all, they work with MySpace.
Alternatively you could use an animated gif instead of flash, greatly (!) decreasing quality of the picture though, especially with multiple slides.


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Hi Mike,

I don't know for sure if this would work in myspace but think it should in theory... you'll just need to link the jquery libary and plugin's js within the bit you paste the html so they'll need to be hosted elsewhere but guess your used to that with images anyway...

try this one... AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin | CSS-Tricks