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questions about a print portfolio


Junior Member
hi guys,

okay so first of all im about to start working on my print portfolio for uni and would like a few opinions.

in the past i have used butterfly clips but im really bored of them and i dont like how it makes the viewing of the portfolio hard to look through (pages dont open fully, pages get ruined...ect)

so i want to try a different approach, looking around at diffrent ideas i came accross this by grayhood
Ribbon Typeface | grayhood graphic design & illustration

i was wondering what you guys thought of this working as a portfolio?
i really like the idea of it being enclosed with the string as i think its a nice touch, i can also see the down fall of having to open it being a little bit annoying.

my 2nd question is ive always had my portfolio so when you open it you see the 1st project, ive seen others that open to a contents / info of the person / patterns (like you seen in the front and back of some books). what do you guys think that when a portfolio is first open you should see?
Definitely a promising idea for a portfolio but you'd have to find a way to work around the problem of it being cumbersome to open. Perhaps keep the string but only as design and not as the actual thing which holds the portfolio together?