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Question about Web Design

Hi everyone! this is my very post on this Graphic Design forum and I just wanted to get some feedback on what you fellow internet users find most appealing about the design of your favorite websites.

1. Do you prefer a website with a more bold and vibrant color palette or a more muted palette?
2. Would you want a website that has a spot for you to ask questions to other users who also visit the website, or would you rather send your questions to the website 's designer?
3. Do you prefer a website that follows a layout that is mostly linear or abstract?

Thank you for your help!
I like the website which is clean, user friendly, using descent color and Font Style. Website with less pop-ups, ads. It's very annoying if you come across with the pop-up while you are surfing on the website.

Website with proper navigation, easy to read fonts, proper formatting, are preferred by most of the online users.

Paul Murray

Staff member
1. Depends entirely on the content of the site, the brand, etc. Generally speaking I prefer more-subdued colour schemes, as it makes it easier to take in information.

2. This again depends on the type of site and content is hosts. I've personally never used one of those pop-ups that lets you ask questions about a product or service. I think I have used them to speak to a customer service advisor on a few sites as it's often quicker than a support ticket. Many online retail sites have the ability to ask questions about specific products, though whether or not you get a response in a timely manner, or even at all, is another question.

For a smaller retail store it's perhaps worth adding an enquiry form to each product listing so you can ask questions about this item to the retailer directly. I designed and built a property listing site for a client a while back and this was basically how users made contact to arrange viewings, just a form that spits out an email with the user's details and property reference number.

3. Can you clarify your question? I think I know what you mean so I'll attempt to answer:

As a designer I like sites that push the boundaries and expectations and provide users with an experience that differs from what they're used to. In practice, this can be difficult to implement, especially when you consider mobile versions of said site, and usability and logical navigation often wins out over a completely abstract idea. We've come to develop a language for navigating screen content, and deviating too far from this can lead to usability problems.

As an example, an original idea I had for a portfolio redesign was a site that was infinitely draggable, with content scattered about this space. Turns out that this idea was ironically better suites to touch devices as the method of navigation was natively suited to touch screens, but it just wouldn't work on mobile due to the restrictive size of the screen. The tablet and desktop version got a lot of positive feedback, but the mobile version was hard to navigate, and a total pain to develop so I dropped it.

Linear layouts are often a lot quicker to design and build responsively, but can lead to boring or expected designs if you're not careful.
If you want to design your website then you can use the following tips to create an effective design:
  1. Keep the design of your home page simple: Users do not like use complex websites
  2. Add a simple navigation structure in your website
  3. Add suitable and high quality images in your design
  4. Include Social Share and Follow Buttons in your design
  5. Implement Calls-to-Action
  6. Avoid using too many pop-ups and advertisements in your website
  7. Choose an appropriate font for your website because every font portrays a special meaning to the audience
  8. Create a responsive design for your website
  9. Create a clean looking design
  10. Add contact page in your design to make it easier for the audience to contact you
  11. Include a commenting section in your design so that the audience spend more time in your website
I like the content you have shared above Claire20. For a new person who is going to Design Web Page , these following steps are really very helpful.
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