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query about web design course (design or code)


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Hello Guys,

Finally I make a decision to join a practical diploma course in order to enter web design filed as my new career. (I used work as a commercial photographer for wedding and event, so got few skills about graphic design but still need enhance my design level)

Due to I am think about career change, it will be great to have your idea and suggestions about the balance of technique study.

As I know the web design job is a mixture of program coding and graphic design.

Now I have two course for selection and obviously I am only able to attend one.

They are offered by
1. Cavendish college: a digital media course for design/visual software & idea expanding. they teach After Effect/ ID/ AI/ PS(which I am pretty familiar with)/ 3D MAX.plus few coding course, (HTML, CSS)

2. Qantm college: sounds it is a well known career training college in design/animation industry. and they do have a web design focused diploma concentrate on coding, program such as JAVA and other interactive program.

To be honest, my goal is become a practical web designer after study. It is realistic to get myself involved via any entry level job. However I should gear myself properly via select the right course.

Please feel free to give me some suggestions about the balance between design/code in this industry, and thanks to you all.


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The web design job being a mixture of graphic design and 'coding' is open to argument. Many top end web designers have no coding skills. While many others have plenty. The second course's web design diploma seems to be more concentrated on web development (I assume that is javascript, and not Java)

While I don't feel any course would be right to learn to become a web designer, the first course is more what you are after.


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I'd partially disagree with Renniks - Course 1, being aimed at digital media, is going to be focusing more on 3D and Motion Graphics (ie - the bit at the beginning of a program with the title etc), hence why it's got 3DS Max and After Effects in there. The sheer difference in skills required between after effects and 3ds max alone could take years to get to grips with so it's more likely this course is only going to touch on the very basics of HTML/CSS - working on the assumption this is a shorter course rather than a 4 year type.

Course two seems as renniks said :)


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Hi again and thanks for your suggestion and comments, I finally choose the first course for initial study, and I would like to get into the industry from design aspects, which is much more realistic for my condition. I still place 3D and motion graphic into my career target, and the second one is much more concentrate on program and coding.

Thanks for your suggestions


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Do you have any idea what is involved in 3D and motion graphics in terms of learning requirements?

I work in 3D design and I'm still learning new things, yet I have no experience in Motion graphics even though there is sometimes an overlap in tools.

We've got a couple of motion graphics people on here and I'm sure they'd say the same but in reverse