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Quark1 or 2 day training courses?


I have worked in my current role of designer at a small college for 8 years and the main part of my role is to put the part-time and full-time prospectuses together from scratch.

I have pretty much taught myself Quark, and have only used Photoshop and Illustrator a small amount. I feel that I need to step up my game with all the packages now as I seem to have become a bit stagnant.

I have had a quck search online for some courses but have come to a dead end.

Is anyone able to recommend some short courses that may be able to help (preferably in the West Midlands ish area).

Thanks for your time.

Hi Marian,

Sorry I'm not able to recommend a course for you. Maybe you're having a problem finding a Quark course because it's no longer the industry standard?

I used Quark for a few years before switching to InDesign in 2005 and would never go back to using Quark.


Staff member

Thanks for your posting Dave L.

I was beginning to think it was only me using Quark :icon_crying:
I know of a print company who still uses Quark 6... I swapped because my current employer uses InDesign but I still have my own personal copy of Quark just incase I ever need it. The robots running across the screen in quark were always a welcome break when puting together long boring books. (cant remember how to get them up thou).
I have Quark, "in case" but seriously haven't used it in the last 2-3years.

I would agree that Indesign training would probably serve you better, Adobe all the way in this game - feels like it anyway. You could likely find some Quark tuts online :icon_smile:

Dave L

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In-Design costs a lot less than Quark (a lot of designers - me included - will have effectively got it for nothing as part of a Creative Suite bundle) and that's the chief reason it's taking over. If you work with QX, however, I don't see any compelling reason to make the switch.