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Quark... does anybody use it anymore?


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The agency I used to work for (about a year ago) still used Quark, partly because the Senior designer wasn't ready to make the full switch over to InDesign and partly because a couple of their clients had in-house design teams who still used Quark. It was probably used for about 30% of the total print design work that went through the studio during the time I was there at least.

I'm quite surprised to hear you haven't seen a Quark file since CS2! I thought it was very much still around, and still in favour with old school designers?


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flyerboy_uk said:
Quark (see article)

I thought quark was dead... haven't seen a quark file since CS2 (indesign specifically).

Does anyone use Quark anymore...?


We still use it as our primary layout application. I've lived Cow gum, typesetters and thu Pagemaker and the very first Quark to the rubbish the have now. Lived with the faults, version fixes and the birth of Indesign. When The rest of the world, media, and print truly ditches and there is something better then I'm hanging on. Seen too many false dawns and wrote too many cheques.CS2 and Quark are just applications anyway. Ideas first, layout second. As I said...Tools make Fools.
Well, we actively encourage print-ready artwork... but you should see some of the stuff that comes through our mailbox... word, powerpoint, corel, publisher... oh... it hurts.

No - quark just doen't come our way... I suppose, it's so freeking expensive, and the security on it is pretty hardcore - dongles etc...

quote - Tools make Fools.

love it.
Quark - for every job over 20pp.

Most of the printers we've used over the years have asked for qxd or print ready pdfs - when InDesign files have been sent. Down to the printers really.

The new Quark looks good mind - had a few canny nice reviews. Is a bit of a hammer on the wallet though.


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flyerboy_uk said:
you should see some of the stuff that comes through our mailbox... word, powerpoint, corel, publisher... oh... it hurts.
I can only begin to imagine the horror/nightmares of that!

I remember trying to explain the difference between a lo-res raster image and a vector logo whilst at my old, old, old job at a local signmakers, some of the files they would bring in and expect you to be able to just 'blow it up' and cut it from vinyls for their van!

Have moved this thread across to the Software forum as seemed more fitting there, hope that's OK.

Interesting to hear you're fully stuck with Quark Berry, do any of your guys try and convince you that InDesign is 'better'? I remember having many 'discussions' about Quark and InDesign at my old work place :)


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Most of our artwork is hi-res pdf now, but we still supply the collected quark output files as well.
Tho Quark pdf have caused us a few printing problems ( which as a locked file shouldn't be an issue) but never put your faith or your money on a press of a button. I have the reprints and costs to show!
So many versions, upgrades etc. It's a money thing, does nobody any favours. Ching Ching!
( Quark? Aquisitions is a lovely application)


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Greg said:
Interesting to hear you're fully stuck with Quark Berry, do any of your guys try and convince you that InDesign is 'better'? I remember having many 'discussions' about Quark and InDesign at my old work place :)
InDesign will be the way to go in the future. But only when the 'industry' fully changes first, not the designers. It's an economic cost thing, not a preference thing. Agencies cannot afford to make a full overnight switch.( legally)


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Sure Berry, can fully understand that, that reminds me of something a friend of mine had said about a work placement he had at a big London agency, they had a nice city centre studio, fantastic client list, but he was shocked to find all of their equipment/software was seriously out-of-date in comparison, running very old software versions, some my friend had never even seen let alone used!


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I insist that some web stuff is done to the lowest common denominator of Internet Explorer 5 or something. No good doing it the latest version if 80% can not view it. The excuse of 'it can be downloaded free' doesn't cut it with me. If they can't view it they switch off. Everything must be fit for purpose. Always work from the bottom up not the top down.
My only DIS with quark is that... when people say, 'oh, it's a quark pdf' - you just now the font's aren't going to be embedded (or outlined).

Is there a simple fix for this... maybe a special tick box in the 'print to pdf' options...

I thought PDF-x fixed it... but no... still happens. Font's drop.

Quark 8 - 6 and a half hundred quid... well it used to be 800plus... so thats an improvement.

I just don't think we really need to invest in it... indesign does the same and more (if you can work it out)



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We were given some insight into Quark in college (going back around 4-5 years now) but in University it was the Creative Suite.
I can see the point; InDesign is built to work Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc, so it would make sense to use it.
Although we don't seem to have encountered any major issues at work (where we use Quark) I think its only a matter of time before we become converts.
I still use Quark at work. Have used InDesign a bit too, but the company I work for are still Quark-tastic. I like it still (despite some quirks) - there's a real 'solid-ness' to Quark that I don't quite feel with InDesign. But I'm quite sure that InDesign will be the way forward eventually.
Reviving an old thread...

Does anyone still use Publisher? I mainly use InDesign now, but a job ad recently specifically required the use of Publisher for web & layout design. I used it years ago, and remember it being clunky. Has it improved?!


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lol publisher for design... no just no...

I'll admit I use publisher for quick work that I'll do to help mum with the lesson's she's involved in at school but that's only because it's so that if anyone else want's to tweak stuff they can open the files.

I would NEVER use it for anything work related.