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Qualitfications for designers?

I have been looking around for a place to complete a design course (short term/some weeks/days long - do they even exist?) just to get an official qualification to help when applying to design firms.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Spend the time getting a **** hot portfolio instead! Having a qualification on your CV might come into play if someone is trying to filter down 100 applicants - but ultimately it comes down to your work.
They only have full time courses Levi. That's the main problem. I googled 'online photoshop courses' but even then there doesn't seem to be anything official.

Yeah, I agree Chris. I think I do need also need to work on my portfolio more, just trying to impress in a more 'official' way, even before they see my work. You know, first impressions and all ;)
Just make sure you have a designed CV supplied as a PDF and you'll have a head start over some of the applications I've seen. I seriously wouldn't bother with a formal qualification if you're only doing it to include on your CV - simply not worth it. Plain and simple it comes down to your work. If your work benefits from the course then fair enough, otherwise spend your time/money on something with better return.


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It's definitely all about the portfolio. If you want to do a course to enrich your portfolio (not your CV) then it might be worth it. Otherwise, make kick-ass stuff for your portfolio instead.

I did a short part-time course in InDesign last year. Not to put on my CV (no formal qualification was awarded anyway) but more for the teaching environment and the skills, which have since been used in my work. And to make my CV, now I think about it!
The only qualifications IMHO worth getting is a Degree or a HND.

Being a designer and having a qualification in Photoshop is pretty pointless, you as a designer should know Photoshop already.

As already said - an awesome portfolio of good quality work and a well designed spellchecked *true* CV should be all you need in getting an interview.

We don't look for qualifications, we look for good quality work, good people and well designed CVs .
Of course. I know and agree with all of these things. It's a shame though because I have seen different job applications that ask about any qualifications in design that I have, so for me rather than talking about my work and experience (which in my opinion is far more valuable than a sheet of paper that says I have achieved XYZ) I would like to say I have a qualification blah blah...

Anyway, I think that if I am going to be working with a firm that is more focused on qualifications over work experience is best avoided...
The qualifications most places (studios and inhouse) ask for is a degree or similar. They'll probably ignore everything else.

I've a few qualifications that i don't include on my CV, like my ladder usage, kinetic handling, and others ive picked up over the years because i know they'll be ignored.

I do have my swimming badges on there tho...
Everyone says you don't need qualifications, just a great portfolio. This is probably true, but very often you get a good portfolio by doing the qualification/course. Learning the software should not be the focus of any course - the focus should be learning the principles of design. Learning the software is really just something you need to be doing anyway in your own time.