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Publishing company logo


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Hi all,

In all the years I've been a member, I don't think I have ever posted up anything for crit, so here we are.

I'd like your thoughts mainly on the letter mark itself. I won't give too much of a back story so not to influence your critique, but I was inspired by the reverse pilcrow.

Anauel Publishing.png
Thank you.


Staff member
Really like it, the g is slick.

Watch the top join at A and P - it's very thin, and printing litho that could break up at smaller sizes.


Staff member
Honestly the left slant of the A is throwing it off to me and I really don't like the choice of font for the 'anauel publishing' underneath it.
Seems to have some different tones on the main logo too.
I'm going to take a stab here and say they do maritime maps or similar because it seems like you've tried to incorporate a sail and a cartography compass.


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I'm with Levi. Not keen on the A lifting its leg and I don't think that font will work at very small sizes.
I think the A and P are a bit fussy - couldn't the P flourish turn into the cross of the A?