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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody has used these 'PSD to HTML' kind of businesses? I'm just wondering about your experience in general with them and the process involved...

Thanks in advance for any input


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I have done this job many times. It is a very short term and simple job, includes following process :

1) Slicing of PSD
2) HTML of it using the slices and with the help of CSS.
3) Thats it.
Hi, thanks for the response.

I'm aware of that much! But the question is aimed more towards the processing of the job and peoples experience using the companies that offer this service, as opposed to the actual building of a site...


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Personally, I wouldn't trust it.

Create unique websites without writing code | Muse (code name) is supposed to be the program that can do it, but I've trailed some of the mark up through, and it is not good.

Yeah, it works, but it a world where browsing platforms are so varied (everything from old IE's to iPad's) a system like this just isn't practical. It's hard to explain without getting bogged down in the coding in's and outs.

Where I work, we have a designer who gives us/me a template and a concept of how he wants things to work and then we code it correctly.
I'm not sure if that site you've linked is what I'm talking about either, is there a human process involved with that coding?!

I'm thinking of the companies that take your designs and turn them into html/css etc. with a human coding them (I assume human!) So it's effectively the same process as where you and I work, but instead of the developer being inhouse - you use these companies...
I think I would trust that service more than the Muse site! I can't really comment on that particular code because I don't know enough! I don't know if your opinion is subjective to personal style of coding, or if their coding is somewhat laborious?!

I think that as long as their quality is good, it could be useful. But I'm not sure if anybody has had any experience with them. There are a few around, so some people must be using their services!!


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They way it is coded is making the HTML work harder which just isn't good practice. It's not a chase of style, its just bad coding.

They use strong tags over and over across certain divs, when they should just style the div once.

Don't get me wrong coding is subjective, not as subjective as design.

Muse is rubbish, don't worry, its just a "free" service.

I don't think there are many people who are members of this site who would use a service like that. I can tweet it if you would like?
So I guess your issue is with their coding? It is good that they show their code, so if you do have an issue with the way they work - you don't use them!

I appreciate the twitter offer but it was just a tangent thought! It would still be interesting to see peoples experiences with them though as the process seems to separate a lot of people to people interaction...

Thanks for the input


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I think the odd thing is, they show their coding! Anyone who can really understand what that means wouldn't use them! A service like that exists for people with zero coding knowledge.

I don't intend on ever using a service like that, mostly because I could do the job better myself! You will have to believe me that it is not coded well. If it was CMS then I might accept the mess, because CMS does create at the user end. But it's not.

They must provide great service in terms of customer interaction or the business model wouldn't exist. Windows Vista exists, thats awful, yet people still use it.
Maybe that's who their client base is! People without inhouse knowledge... I'll take your word on the bad coding!!

Who would you use if you were too busy yourself to code a clients site?

The business seems virtual (funny that being web based!!), which is what I mean by the little people to people interaction. There are a few companies like this, the ones in America seem quite cheep, potentially too cheap. Then UK based ones vary in price.


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The concept of a virtual business is that strange, (amazon) but it is strange in this context.

A lack of face time isn't a must, I've got a few clients I've never met nor spoken too, but oddly I constantly regret not getting to meet them!

We were chasing a quote on some clothing items in work the other day, found a company (with a .co.uk address) that looked the part, prices were a little too good to be true, so left them an enquiry note and got a phonecall from China! Weird afternoon.

Good people to go to for coding, on this forum, smiley Chris, Sunburn/Geoff, Andy/TBWCF a few people who aren't around so much, CSS Wizzardry/Harry, Jazzajay, Berry's agency, Armadillo...

I'd start with my local friend who work at, SpinDogs, Burning Red, Huw David, SubHub...but the reason I would go to them is to discuss ideas over a noodle box(don't drink, so we do food).