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PSD Mockup of projection

So far finding it impossible to find a mockup of a projection onto a wall where i can place my artwork in to how I like I want it.

Does anyone has or know of where I can find such PSD mockup? I've searched but all searches return with billboards or projection screens where as i need outdoors projection.


Paul Murray

Staff member
Are you talking about projection onto buildings and that sort of thing? I suspect it's easier to just play around with the perspective and style of the layer that you want to be 'projected' over an image of a building/outdoor object.


Staff member
Depends what you mean.

Are you wanting to mock-up an image of something being projected onto something with a projector like this:

.... or are you wanting a mock-up of a wall to place a design on and look real, like it was painted on?

Either way, it's quite easy to make a pretty convincing one in PS from a photograph. As long as you can get a decent photo of a blank wall.