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PS coffee-stain tutorials?



matt said:
Make it for real and scan it. It'll take a fraction of the time and you get a cup of coffee out of it.
haha! Best solution ever.

Its not really that hard to do. Do a search on Google for 'cup stain vectors' paste them into your document and give them a light brown colour overlay.

Tweek the transparency and give it a darker outline. Sorted.


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Making your own is always the way forward for many a reason other than getting a cuppa yourself ;)

They will always be unique, its quicker, more fun, and gets you away from the screen....wait a minute - is that last one a good thing?


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Hi Tom,

As the other guys have suggested making your own is always good as you'll know it's unique! and really is pretty simple assuming you have a scanner. I did the exact same thing for a stationery design I did on a project back at Uni, I was working on the branding for a fictional fairtrade coffee company and added the coffee stains to the business cards and letterhead!

If you get really stuck let me know and I'll see if I can dig out my scans for that.
Good point Greg, I've still got a couple somewhere too so I'm happy to send them if you aint got a scanner (you could give Greg and me feedback out of ten to see who's the undisputed king of coffee stain making).


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Ooo so it's a coffee stain - stain off! :D
Gentlemen get your coffee cups ready!!

Let us know how you get on Tom.