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Providing Concepts

Hi guys,

I've just charged an agency for 2 web design concepts. There happy with the designs and now would like me to send them the PSD files.

When(if) you produce concepts for another agency are they entitled to the PSD files or is it just the visual concepts you are providing.

Kind of my fault as I didn't really clarify this.

Any suggestions?



Active Member
Hey Steve, It really depends on what was discussed and what was expected to be provided by both parties. I would suggest getting in touch with your client requesting clarification on what they were / are expecting from you in regards to source files and or at least inform them on your understanding of the agreement.

Just make sure you receive payment for the work before you hand over the PSD's
Cheers for the quick reply Geoff!
Yes have just received payment for this - I think in this instance I will send the PSD files over and in future clarify what the cost for concepts are.

A silly mistake, but a lesson learned I suppose!

Thanks mate


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Hi Steve,

As Geoff has already mentioned I would await payment before sending the 'source' files for the concepts, definitely worth clarifying exactly what the final deliverables are with this kind of project.