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Proposley need advice

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by JamesBarnsley, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. JamesBarnsley

    JamesBarnsley Member


    Not sure if this is in the right place however ...

    I am have been working on a web app that allows people to create business proposals online and then send those proposals to their clients.

    I am just interested in hearing your thoughts and whether it would be something you would use in your business?

    The application is quite fully developed with enough features to class it as a minimal viable product however I will be rebuilding it from scratch soon anyway as I want it to work slightly differently.

    Here is the link to the web app ...

    You can sign in to the web app and have a play around with it using the following details ...

    pass: test

    The emailing of proposals to clients may not work as I have just switched hosts and need to setup my SMTP server. So the emailing of proposals may not work. However you can click the "View" button on the Proposal details page which will show you what the final version of the proposal you send out to clients would look like anyway.

    Alternatively if you cannot be bothered to sign into the systems you can always watch this 12 minute demo video of the system I put together at ...

    Contribute to Proposley - YouTube

    Please tell me your thoughts, is this something you would use in your business?

  2. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    Hey JB

    This is the beginnings of a good idea and I can see you have made a fair bit of progress since I last saw it. The main issue I have with it is it is only a tiny part of the process of design or development. I would really like to see it moved on to include functions like creating a section that agrees initial page names for a website or brochure or whatever and then, once agreed, it prompts the customer to provide written content and images for that page through a text editor. If written content appeared in the app in HTML format for me to copy and paste into a website then that would save me a lot of time and it would help keep a project on track.

    If you could use it to get sign-off as the project goes as well then it would be really useful!

    Right now I wouldn't use Proposely because it is about proposals that I can write in Google Docs in less time. It doesn't speed anything up it just does the same thing in a different way. Make it more useful and about the whole process and I'd probably subscribe and try it out.

    Hope that helps
  3. JamesBarnsley

    JamesBarnsley Member


    Well you can kind of do what you are asking already in the initial Proposley but probably not in the way you are expecting.

    The way you would do that would be to add a few question block sections, question block sections can include textareas, drop down boxes and checkboxes. So all of the information could be gathered through that. You can do this on the initial Proposley that has already been created.

    However ...

    Instead of resisting what you are saying ...

    I am now in the process of re-building Proposley with another designer and another developer on the team. So there are now 3 of us putting our efforts into it so we should be able to produce something far superior. I was looking at other web based proposal systems already online recently etc and I was shocked to find most of the functionality they have I had already coded myself albeit to a lesser degree etc. However enough of talking about that.

    I will definitely be implementing the features you have mentioned in the new Proposley. I will add them to the "todo" list so you can definitely count on them being in it.

    Thanks for your input.



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