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Promotional Postcards

aiight guys,

I've been working on some promotional postcards to show that we have a Graphic Designer at Kingswood Steele now in the hope they might drum up a bit of business/interest in that side of things... we're (Kingswood Steele) mainly known as a print company atm, but let me know what you think of these... I'll post more in this thread as time goes by :)

I like em all...really great stuff. The only thing that bothers me is the Rave About It font color choice...I think the pink is too strong and distracting...it bothers my eyes to look at it. The rest looks great.


Senior Member
None of them mention any news about a graphic designer? Im confused and I know what im looking for... what will the people think whos doormat it lands on? I'll let berry comment but I know exactly which BOL entry will be quoted.
br3n I think what Nik is trying to say is, that he has created these to show the company they can do graphic design, so he can be the graphic designer, so he is just showing them his thing really.

I like the bottom 2 more, the first one doesn't do anything for me.


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He already works there now as their Graphic Designer, I think these are designed to send out to their mailing lists probably to show they can do design now, and like br3n says it doesn't mention it anywhere on there.
yea, it's just to add in the client invoices envelope etc, rather than give out to people on the street or drop through letter boxes as such. I\m the only designer, but they're produced on behalf of KS... hopefully when people receive them they'll think 'that's interesting', or 'that's quite cool/looks good' and keep it on their desks... ionno, I collect A6 postcards and flyers and like the format :)

cheers for the FB guys :)


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But why is there no mention of the design service? surely it should have some catchy slogan informing the client you are now offering, or expanding your design services there?

Otherwise it may look nice and they may keep it on their desk... but they still wont know the reason.