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Promotional Marketing Design - Help


Junior Member
Hi All,

I would really appreciate any advise you can give me on a suitable package to design something similar to the image attached.

I am a novice to designing and have basic experience in using Adobe photoshop, illustrator and indesign. Would I be able to design this in any of these packages or would you recommend something else?

Many Thanks,





firstly... welcome to the forum navin..

you could reproduce that sort of image in all three really... but you would be best to use all three together, Photoshop to make the background and then the individual peices such as the stands etc, illustrator to make the people and other related imagery involving vector based graphics. Then bring all of it together in InDesign.


Junior Member
Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a go and see where I get. Probably take me a while to produce an image like that but I think I could do it with a bit of practice.



Senior Member
Something like that is going to be a far bit of an undertaking for a novice, good luck to you regardless!

I'd probably do the characters in illy, then build the rest in 'shop


Staff member
You can get plenty of the character 'cut outs' and silhouettes etc due to architectural needs these days, usually pretty high res too.
I'd agree with chrismitchell, use all three. There's plenty of tutorials on the web to aid learning the software and I've found that nothing really beats reading the user manuals for each from cover to cover and understanding/experimenting as you go.