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promoting your site/blog

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by desxerre, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. desxerre

    desxerre Junior Member

    ok so i have my own blog which i update my designs and projects frequently. and i was wondering how do you promote it or get viewers to stay tuned to your blogs?

    i need viewers because i am producing a mini-series of my own characters and without viewers my hard work would sadly be idle.
  2. Ant

    Ant Member

    Exactly like that ;)
    For things such like that it is mainly word of mouth, someone may check it out, then keep checking it out, someone else see it, etc etc.
    Either that or something you could try to do is maybe even getting in with a newsletter from some design blog, or even just a little post about your blog, that should get a few.

    EDIT: Oh, and the good old time and patience.
  3. desxerre

    desxerre Junior Member

    Hey there thanks for your advice. I was wondering like how do you get yourself in the design blog newsletter like what you said.
  4. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    Hi desxerre. It's all about contacts. Best thing to do is just email people who run things like newsletters and include some info on yourself along with some samples of work, make them your bet though as you want to make a good first impression, also make the subject line stand out by putting something eye catching rather than just "Hi". Just keep at it and soon you will some feedback.
  5. desxerre

    desxerre Junior Member

    this is a great idea. i might try it as soon as i get in contact with people incharge of newsletters and stuff.
  6. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    Hey Desxerre,
    you must be on facebook? leverage your friends and friends of your friends, get involved in social media such as twitter, contact others who have similar interests, post comments on other blogs... its a lot of hard work, but you have to do the leg work if you want to get noticed.

  7. desxerre

    desxerre Junior Member

    that's the thing. i used to rely on facebook and twitter but it seems like my circle of friends are not supportive. lol... sounds sad but true... i posted links and stuff but nobody views it... =( so that's why i decided to find another alternative maybe broaden my circle of friends and get to know new people
  8. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    How do you know no one view it? what you need to do is get people talking about your work, you may need to engage your audience more! produce better work or better content.

    If you have a speciality I would suggest writing a few 500 word articles on the subject and post regularly to the online article submission services.
  9. desxerre

    desxerre Junior Member

    thanks for the advice. im actually writting in to people with their own design blogs and i've got quite a few positive feedback already to feature me in their blog. im so glad you guys gave me these suggestions or else i would have never thought of it. i will definitely work on the contents and get it to animate possibly if i could learn that up provided my machine could support the rendering. this whole character thing has become a part of my life and im just grateful you guys helped me so much already...

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