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Projection and print

I'm currently doing a rebrand for a cinema as part of a uni project and I'm looking for materials I could use for the admission tickets whilst also being able to get the idea of projection through it.

Is there any specific materials such as photographic film or something else that I can look further into and find a creative idea / way of making my admission tickets?

Something that maybe has to be swiped under a light source when checked by staff rather than the usual "tear a ticket" or maybe something to make an admission ticket interactive for the user rather than giving the staff an unnecessary task when it comes to checking tickets.

At the moment, I have got a standard size ticket where the action of it being torn by the staff reveals the brand logo/device that I have created to represent the brand. I'm not 100% happy with it really so i'm looking for other materials that may spark another idea but keeping in mind, it has to be able to be used with projection of have projection in mind when people would see it, use it etc...

This doesn't have to be limited to just the admission tickets either as there is cinema posters etc that could maybe use daylight as a source of projecting a short and sweet message relating to my cinema brief which is to get more people back to the cinema.

Thank you,

Paul Murray

Staff member
Off the top of my head, I'd use a film camera to photograph the ticket, get the negative developed and then use that developed negative as the 'film' ticket?