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Professional Powerpoint design from Indesign?

I just have some very basic questions regarding how a professional designer would approach creating an impressive Powerpoint presentation using todays techniques.

The presentation has to be made in Powerpoint so is it better to create it in Indesign for greater design control and export as a PDF to the powerpoint. Is this the best way?

Also, what if the client wants to edit the text? Shall I just export the images and create the text in the actual powerpoint? Although this loses some of professional look and control over the text.

Another aspect is animation. Whats the best way to add animation to the slides? Is Powerpoint's animations tools the best options to use or is their an alternative way?

If I am using PDF's, can I animate these? I have heard of "Morph" but unfortunately my Powerpoint version doesn't have it even though my version is quite recent.

Any help or advice in how to create a professional Powerpoint presentation, will be most appreciated!



Staff member
it's a powerpoint presentation..... so just use powerpoint from the beginning. Everyone seems to be against powerpoint but it's actually pretty powerful if you actually spend some time with it.