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Production Music Library Website


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Hey guys,
I'm posted on behalf of a friend (whos asked me to on behalf of their friend but anywhos)
I decided that it may have more weight and interest if it comes from me rather than me getting a first time poster to request someone to take up his project.



My name is Ben Dabson and I am looking into starting a music publishing company to run a production music library. I was wondering if you could give me a rough quote on the following requirements for my website.

There is a very basic setup that I have done on Radical Academy Music, however my website will also need the following functions (please ignore the design, I need this done too) but it might give you an idea of what I am trying to do).

  • Ability for users to sign up and log in to download tracks, however need for them to be able to preview tracks as a guest, but not download.
  • I need to be able to upload new music tracks/albums when I acquire the licence for them.
  • The ability for logged in users to tag favourite tracks so as able to have them in one folder at the end where they can download what they require.

I’m not sure if this explains what I need very well, so here are some examples of what will be my competition’s websites and what format I am looking to get, if you want to have a look.

V - The Production Library | The Ultimate Production Music Library From Non-Stop Music
(These are the functions I want, I think it is the best example.)

(This design isn’t very clear in my opinion, you can’t preview tracks without logging in which I think is essential in what I am trying to do.)

Production music | Royalty free music | Production music | Royalty free music | Library Music
(Something along these lines would be ok, however the user needs to be able to add to a folder rather than a basket to download at the end. Also there needs to be the options for logged in users to download different versions of each track, e.g. each track has its own options of specific length cuts which I provide.)

I hope all this makes sense. Would you be able to supply this to a high standard? I also obviously need to know how much it would cost.

Kind regards,
If anyone is interested in this and think they can deliver a high quality design and back end then can you contact me :)

I can vouch that the person has a viable budget, and is understanding with regards the designer knowing best (though as with all projects if you can give reasoning behind decisions such as your choice of back end, it's all good)

Anyway :)

Thanks guys



Senior Member
Yeh it is Mike, still need an email with the details, if you've any questions and are still interested I can get them answered or just put you in contact with Ben