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Product Visuals

Hi everyone. Incase you didn't see my introduction post: I'm new to the forums here, but have been following for a little while now. I thought, as an introduction, I'd show some of my product projects to you. I'm a graphics designer turned CGI artist by trade, all of the following images have been modelled in SolidWorks and Rhino and rendered out of Maxwell Render.

Not all of these renders were for commercial jobs (such as the iPhone), but completed as in-house projects.

Hope you like them, and any comments/critiques would be appreciated. I have many more in the pipeline so expect some more renders soon!

Barcelona Chair:

Senseo Coffee Maker:

iPhone 3:


Custom Soap Range:

Monkey Web Mascot:

Road Sign Advert:

Piggy Banks:

No. 7 Cosmetics:


Living Room:

Spray Bottle:

Oil Cannister:

Promotional Coffee Scene:


Senior Member
Wow :) just wow

The spray bottle's angle makes it look like it's the wrong dimensions (or it is)

Otherwise, wow :)

It always amazes me that people can produce 3d work like this. Wish it was something I spent time learning, but feel I have enough things now that I am interested in to add another :D

Levi does a similar thing I believe, but is trapped under alot of NDA's and such so sadly we don't get to see much of his work :) Understandably
Thanks, Renniks! Really appreciate the input and kind words. :)

Yes, the perspective on the spray bottle could well make it look a little out of proportion. It's perhaps a bit overly-dynamic in that sense. Final compositions are still something I haven't quite perfected. :p

Also, as a little side note, I have quite a cool project going at the moment of mixing typography and 3D geometry. I'll post them up as a set when they're finished - which should hopefully be next week.

Edit: And thanks also, Typo. Again, much appreciated.


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Brilliant stuff man keep it up. Which program do you use? I'm toying with the idea of getting back into 3d stuff since so many jobs favour it these days.
Cheers, guys. Glad you like them. :) Will be posting some new stuff I've been working on shortly, too.

Jimlad, I use SolidWorks and Rhino for modelling, then Maxwell Render for generating the final images. Would like to learn 3D Studio Max one day, but I'll see what happens. :p


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Visario said:
Would like to learn 3D Studio Max one day, but I'll see what happens. :p
Yeah that's the one I had my eye on, since it's used quite a lot in the games industry I seem to recall reading... They all need concept artists and modellers after all. Is there a great advantage in you splitting up the modelling and rendering between three different programs?
Thanks again for all the positive comments. Always nice to hear. :) To answer some individual questions as best I can:

allyally2k: Correct! It's all 3D geometry. Here are some previews I made before I had applied the materials:

(very hi-res, but allows you to see some cool details)

My job essentially is to create virtual photos for clients - be it product shots, interiors or advertising images. The benefits to having your ideas created in 3D then rendered out as opposed to getting a photograph are countless. For example you could get a photorealistic visual of a product that doesn't even exist yet - no need for prototyping or anything like that - and go out and generate interest in it. Plus everything (colours, camera angles, materials) is fully adjustable at any time, unlike a fixed photo.

(I'm honestly not trying to sell this to anyone - just thought I'd explain some background things. Sorry if it comes out that way!)

Typo: There may be a small hint of witchcraft involved*...

Jimlad: 3DSMax is indeed used in the games industry, as probably the main piece of software. This is because - as well as being a great program for modelling - it includes character rigging, UV mapping and an animation suite. It's incredibly deep and quite daunting though (not to mention expensive) so I've not gotten around to really trying it.

As there are various types of modelling style, splitting up a project between various programs is often needed. SolidWorks, for example, deals in solid geometry modelling (great for general objects and large scenes and sticking to an exact tolerance, often used in CAD). Rhino - which is a lot like 3D Studio Max - is a NURBS modeller which allows you to make detailed organic shapes such as car bodies (gives a lot more flexibility and freedom over solid modelling, but a bit more loose on final dimension sizes).

These two modelling programs in particular do have rendering capabilities, but the results are pretty poor. So we also have Maxwell Render, which deals in photorealistic rendering. Basically when I'm finished with the model and scene, I import it into Maxwell, apply materials, add a camera and render it out.

That's my general workflow, but there are people out there who'll use twice as many programs. There's specific software available for UV mapping, sculpting, animation, adding particle effects, dealing with hair and cloth physics... all sorts! Of course postwork is also needed in some cases, so renders will then be brought into, say, Photoshop for final touches.

Hope this helped! I kind of rambled a bit but there's some insight into my work style.

* There is no witchcraft involved. ;)


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Thanks for the info Visario. I learned with Cinema 4D years ago but I'm looking to pick it up again. Recon 3DSMax might be the way to go.

I'm sure apple must use 3D product visuals all the time, most of their images look way too clean.

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Jimlad said:
Haha wouldn't that be funny. They had to design their first product on something...
saying things like that may tear a hole in the fabric of the universe.

Stunning work Visario. I used 3dsmax a long time ago, I could probably still quite happily rig a character or use particle fx to make some pretty fireworks but when it comes to modelling I never had the patience to render anything as photorealistic as some of them :up:
Thanks, Wee Jimmy! Ever have the urge to get back into Max? It's quite addictive once you get going.

Funnily enough rigging characters is something on my ever-growing "to do" list at work... Seems difficult so far.

Wee Jimmy

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It's on my todo list of things to actually get to a learnin! When i can cash in my shares in 2 years i'll have enough money to support myself for a year without working 50 hours a week so I shall be going back to college.

New artistic skills & 17/18 year old girls. What more could a man ask for? :up:

Creating skeletons is the easy part, facial rigging is quite frankly...a bitch!