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Product designer /Sketch artist

Hi everyone, I am new here....really here cuz scouting for a product designer who is able to sketch while ideas are spoken...i am sorry but am not rich i'm seriously poor....so looking for someone who charges super affordable rates per hour. As i am looking purely for a 1-2 hour or at most 3 hour meet up here in london.

I am a start up product designer (just became ltd. co last year) am developing some products, and one of them, that i temporarily put aside is now in front of the line, and i need to have a sketch of plausible and viable product to meet with a company for possible collaboration in mid april 2012.

If anyone is interested in flexing their inventive brains and making me very happy and you slightly happy (with the pay)....although i'm fun and enthusiastic company and if you're very very good then i will want to utilise you again and again, so could be a very good connection here.

if u are interested please drop me a line, or reply or something! i really need to get going on this by next week or could be first week april tho that's pushing it.

many thanks!