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Problems on iMacs?


Senior Member
I've had reports of some people experiencing 10 second delays when navigating between pages of the site below when using iMacs.


When navigating between the pages, the content should fade out and slide in from the bottom.

Could people on Macs have a quick look at this for me and see if they experience the same problem.



Staff member
Not on a mac but on chrome/opera (both 'webkit' like safari) seem to be very slow (not 10 seconds though) on loading the 'repairs' page, having said that the entire site seemed quite sluggish.

Are the animations css based because they seem to perform pretty badly on most sites I've seen them used on.


Junior Member
I have a MacBook Pro, doesn't seem so bad in Chrome, slight delay but nothing like ten seconds. Tried in Safari too, seems more sluggish in that compared to Chrome, but still not ten seconds.


Staff member
I just checked it in Safari on a Macbook Pro and it seemed to animate in pretty well.
I counted about 1-2 seconds (might have been quicker as I didn't to the "one thousand" thing.


Senior Member
Yes it's a little sluggish for me too but a relatively short delay. Never the less I've disabled it. Thanks for looking into it :)


Well-Known Member
Very short delay when clicking between, but not bothersome. The text accompanying the cheesy dude fondling the washing machine seems to slide in quicker than the text accompanying the spanner-hand.