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Problem with saving gif files..




I have a problem with saving gif files..

Below is the animation and the quality of the animation is poor you can see some places where the gradients arent good..

The way I save it is by using the Save for web and devices option and I dont have a clue how to get the gradients to show like it shows in a jpeg file..

Others in the competition are getting it show up clean..

PS: I use Photoshop Cs4

Please Help..



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You can play around in the Save for web options and have the 4-Up view so you can see 4 different versions of the image, then you'll have to play around with the quality and amount of colours to get a smooth gradient.

One thing to bear in mind is that the more colours and higher quality obviously equals higher file size, alot of places I do online banners/ads for have a size limit (and its usually really small)


It says the maximum color option is 256 for gifs and that animation is in 256 colors, So I dont get it :(


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try posterizing it as much as possible before saving down for web that may help (it will merge similar colours before you get to the save for web bit)


I believe under the window option there is animate, but its done in frames... :)


Yeah I thought it was hard to do animating like how it zooms out but its fairly simple after I really thought how people make it..

Its like this

Frame1: Original
Frame2: Original text motion blurred horizontally (transition)
Frame3: Second text


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Mohammad said:
It says the maximum color option is 256 for gifs and that animation is in 256 colors, So I dont get it :(
You think the animation is in 256 colors, and I'm sure you got it from the "Save for Web" window in Photoshop. It's not true though, it just says it will have 256 colors after saving. As far as I know you can't see the amount of colors used in your file (unless they're less than 256).

Don't be fooled, one single gradient can already contain a ton of different colors ;)
Red, blue and yellow doesn't mean you have three colors in the image.
This is a 25 pixel square from your image. How many different colors can you find in here? Every pixel that is not the exact same color (RGB / HEX) counts towards your 256.



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and mohammed- one frame of the gif file says


i dont really see any need for the first one ;)


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glenwheeler said:
You are 13 or 14 years of age? How did you afford cs4 :/:confused: wish I had it!
Please dont start the "I paid for it so im better than you" argument. Its a good thing - if hes got a pirate copy now (not saying he has) but if he becomes sucessful and starts a company he will have no choice but to buy it legit. So leave off the pointlessly negative comments and be constructive.