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Probably really simple but.... (nav float help)

So i am having trouble floating my nav to the right.. Probably something really simple i am missing but still struggling to resolve this..
If i try this on a separate example, i.e html nav with exact same css, it works fine, but on my live site it just doesnt seem to want to budge. So thought it may be better linking direct site and seeing if someone can see it with firebug or inspector etc..
literally want the nav to float right, if you use inspector you can see the outline of the div and see the ul sitting to the left.. i want it to float right! Changing the width of *nav* does affect it and resolve it, but being responsive it also affects the layout when resized. (if this is the only way then thats fine as i will just have to adapt the code for this, but hoping there is just a simple thing i am missing)

Did you manage to sort this? It looks like the nav is floating right. The only issue I see as major is when resizing before it gets to the drop down the nav overlaps and the text css is out of sync.
The Simulator said:
give the class "menu-nav-container" a "float:right;"
menu-nav-container is not a defined class in the css as it currently stands, you should'nt need to add another class for this.
The simply way to do this would just be to remove the width of "nav" on line 171 of style.css
Really nav shouldn't be 52% as nav is a global element, what happens if you want to use nav somewhere else throughout the website, this would mean having nav as 52% unless you do an over ride which to me is an odd one.
So yeah.
remove "width: 52%" of "nav" on line 171 of style.css and that should work for you mate.
Thanks to all the replies, only just remembered i posted this morning!! @glenwheeler thanks, this has worked, cant believe i didnt notice or try this already but hey! @jonna healey i do know about this, there is a few things i need to sort out when it comes to resizing, and this is one of them.
Taching myself as i go with this so there is bound to be things wrong with it!! Thanks for your help