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Printing work for your portfolio... What do you do?

I'm slowly but surely getting together enough print work to put a portfolio together, but at the moment everything is purely digital files on my computer.

As well as a website I'm working on I'd really like a physical portfolio to take around, but the quality of my printer is shocking and I don't trust it to show my work off at it's best! So what should I do? Buy a new printer? (might that cost a lot?) or get it printed professionally? (also expensive and do they do print runs on one!?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
You can certainly get a repro house to do a single digital run for you and even trim it etc. But if you're going to be doing print work I'd strongly suggest investing in a decent printer, otherwise you won't be able to do any proofs of your work! And In the long run, it'd be much easier and cheaper to update and edit your folio than by sending PDFs to your printers.
find a printers with a Sherpa large format thing and get them to send it through on gloss... it shouldn't be too expensive that way.