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Printing onto 300gm A3 watercolour paper with black ink only

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by caz anne, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. caz anne

    caz anne New Member

    I'm looking for an A3 printer that will print black onto 140lb (300gms) watercolour paper using eco-solvent (or any waterproof ink or a laser print). Hope someone can help. Thanks Caz

  2. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    Printer as in a device that connects to your computer or a printer as in a man with inky overalls?

    If its the first one, no domestic printer is setup to take 300gsm stock however top feeding printers can be forced to take a thicker weight paper but it buggers them up. The only way to print onto 300gsm stock with good results is to buy a digital press or pay the chappy with inky overalls to do it for you.
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  3. caz anne

    caz anne New Member

    Hi BigDave
    Thanks for the reply,
    found this about the OKI C9655n it says it takes 300gsm paper, this new model costs about £1,400 not inc VAT, older models of this printer are available on Ebay for a fraction of this price, but no details if they take 300gsm paper, they just say "heavyweight paper", anyone know what this means?

    OKI C9655n in More Detail
    The C9655 is the perfect addition to any business. This high performance, cost-effective colour printer has the speed, volume and flexibility to handle all the day’s demands with ease – be it general office printing or creative graphics work.
    With this outstanding versatility comes the utmost reliability. Designed by OKI Printing Solutions, the leaders in business printing, the C9655 incorporates technology that ensures smooth, trouble free working.
    Offers outstanding media handling – 64 to 300gsm weight and sizes from A6 to SRA3 and banners 1200mm long
    Broad capability enables creative in-house printing solutions whether for banners, booklets or business cards
    High capacity paper trays maintain workflow and minimise user involvement (up to 2,880 sheet paper input capacity)
    Duplex models for full-speed double-sided printing to save time, paper and operator involvement
    3 additional paper trays on the C9655hdtn, perfect for printing large quantities in one go or setting up four different media types

  4. CritPrint

    CritPrint New Member

    Well, a Canon Pixma Pro 9500 can do the job, and it's a domestic printer than you can easily get yourself one from PC World. It can take up to 1.2mm thick media. usually 300gsm measures less than 1mm thick.

    Printer review - Canon Pixma Pro9500 mk II A3+

    I wouldn't advice using laser printer on art paper, because the fuser will not press the toner properly and all you'll be getting is just badly bent paper smeared with unfused toners. Inkjet is what you need to go for!
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  5. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    That's interesting. I asked the printer guy in PC World about printing onto thicker stock last weekend and was told that none of the printers supplied by the company were suitable and trying to force them to take thicker papers would invalidate the warranty... Just goes to show what the 'experts' know eh! lol
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  6. caz anne

    caz anne New Member

    Thanks CritPrint and the review says the Canon Pixma Pro 9500 can take 300gsm paper,,great! only thing I need to know now is if this printer will take waterproof inks....a friend of a friend said no A3 printers can take waterproof inks?
  7. CritPrint

    CritPrint New Member

    I used pigment ink for my large format printers and they are very resistant to water... I even tried soaking prints into boiling water, it was the paper that actually couldn't stand water, and not the ink!

    As far as i know, the Canon 9500 uses pigment ink, and I GUESS.. it should be fine.
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  8. caz anne

    caz anne New Member

    Many thanks for that - looks like that's the printer then!

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