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Printing on fabric

Hi Guys
I've signed myself up to do an exhibition next year and I was thinking of showcasing some fabric designs. So, does anybody know where and how I can get fabric printed? I can print small A4 bits on my HP printer for samples but it's not brilliant quality or waterproof. I was wondering about getting something like tea-towels printed so that I could sell them.

Thanks, that's interesting as they are in Cheltenham, which is where I work. Maybe I'll pop in one lunchtime and have a chat with them. They may do a student discount if I smile sweetly ;)

Typo said:
Where do you work in Cheltenham Zoe. PM if you like.
It's just I know a few folk down there.
Hi and thanks. I'm working in a bank at the moment, nothing to do with design. I'm contracted there until next June but I'm trying to decide what to do after that. I know I want to do something from home rather than commute to an office every day. I used to teach crafts: papermaking, silk painting, greetings cards etc. So I might do something along those lines. I also love creating patterns, hence the fabric designs.

flyerboy_uk said:
I have a sublimation printer on my books... He's great, based in Redhill

Tell him I sent you.
You're a star, thanks. I will get in touch with them and I will tell em you sent me.


Marie DH

Junior Member
I know that this site does printing on fabric and you can get samples also. I never tried it but I intend to since I do patterns also.