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Printing Job advice - Playing cards


Senior Member
Hi all,

hope you are all well!

I am after some suggestions/quotes for a printing job I have. You will have to forgive my ignorance if some of this doesnt make sense (im out of my depth!)

What I am after is a quote for 250/500/1000 packs of 36 custom playing cards (that includes title card/rules - 1 side unique). The cards are 87x57mm printed full-colour both sides, suppied with 3mm bleed and print-ready. Cut and trimmed with 5mm rounded corners on all cards. The artwork etc would be supplied by me.

I dont know what options there are in terms of Packaging so any suggestions for them would be great.

I remember seeing on here that someone (Ken I think) did business cards that were playing cards, maybe he can help!

cheers all

Mike :)


Senior Member
Sorry Mike, must have missed this before!

Any good digital printer with a decent finishing dept should be able to accommodate you.

If the quantites are big enough it would be worth shopping around for litho as well.

The tricky (ish) part of this is the rounded corners and collating.

Have you sourced any quotes yet, most printers should be able to give you a good idea of cost if you supply the artwork with the above spec as explanation.


Senior Member
I have approached a few and the prices seem to go a bit mad. I realise im going to have to take a hit to start with as I do a proof of concept, maybe i could do the proofs without rounded edges!
Hi Mike, i know this an old thread, wondered if you had any luck finidhing a printer for this, im sure i could do you very competative price on this, would be much cheaper if you went for 85 x 55 which is standard business card size as we already cutting die's for rounded corners for this size.

Any idea on paper weight or lamination etc?

And we have printed business cards as playing cards before and came out very well :)