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Printing In 2 Colours

Hi Guys,

Need some guidance + advice. I have a document designed in photoshop and I've imported this into Indesign to add some text. The document is made up of orange and grey (2 different variations). How do I set this up for the printers to only print 2 colours as the printer (not very helpfully) said I have set it up as 4?

Is this a long job?

thanks in advance.



Senior Member
Sounds to me like your orange and grey are made up of CMYK.

You'll need to create your document using Spot colours.
Okay - I presume thats easy enough to do. Does that mean they can only be 1 type of orange and one type of grey? as I've currently got drop shadows as its a form - which would be a varation of the grey?

thanks :)


Senior Member
How is this being printed? Why two colour? Sounds like it would be more suited to process.

You can use one Spot with various tints. For example, this would be a single colour:

View attachment 332

Your best bet would be to find the Pantone that's closets to the colours you've used and work with them. Are you familiar with Channels in Photoshop?


I think the agency I'm designing it for want to keep the print costs down. But they've only just mentioned this!

I'm not sure how to setup a photoshop document with two spot colours?

thanks again!