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Printing business cards


Junior Member
Where do you guys print your business cards? I have a set coming for a client which needs 3 PMS colours and (possibly) a UV spot varnish, so I'm looking for a reliable printer cabable of this..
Not all online printers are just click click...

First thing I'd do Vi, is ask you exactly why you want to go doen the three PMS - coz it's an awful waste of money.

Shoot me if you will... but we encourage clients (when rebranding) to choose design with full colour in mind... full colour batch print totally blows spot colour out the water...

If you can choose CMYKable colours (use a Pantone Bridge Book) - this will ensure correct colours across all mediums... magazine advertising, flyers, stationery, exhibition graphics, even web and TV.

Forget spot colours... you'll pay thru the nose and always be disappointed.