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printing artwork


New Member
Hey all, i do not have much experience in printing artwork such as illustrating stuff. I understand that it's best to convert my artwork from RGB to CMYK. So i have a question here. What format should i save as so to print the best quality? Two options here, 1)Save as TIFF. 2) Save as PDF and print out from pdf.


I personally would say use PDF at the 300dpi print / press setting as high a quality as you can get :)
If you're producing work to print, don't even start with RGB files - make them CMYK to start with, as the colours may well be affected when you convert them at the end.

Depending on the usage/type of work you're doing, tiff or pdf could be best. Images should be tiff or eps and imported into a page layout program (Quark or InDesign) to set up artwork.