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Printers... not the type you plug in a wall

Just wondering when people are doing print based work such as brochures, posters, business cards etc do you try and find the cheapest possible printers or do you use printers you may have used that are more expensive but you know deliver high quality results time and time again?
I only use two printers for work.
If this means the cost is slightly higher, what i get back from customer service or the studio team setting up the print run makes up for this as i have dealt with some printer in the past who are not the best at times.

Sean Lee-Amies

I treat printing companies the same as any other purchasing decision. I look for the best quality at the lowest price. I don't do low quality prints and I don't deal with low budget printers, I can't be bothered with the hassle. I'm happy to spend the time to shop around for deals and stuff, but only with companies that I know are good or have a recommendation from someone I know.
I took a chance on Sense Creative because they were cheap beyond belief. I'd heard bad things about their customer service, but at £69 for 5,000 double sided A5 leaflets I didn't really care.
Took a gamble, gamble paid off. Quick turnaround whenever I use them and the quality, whilst not award winning, is more than acceptable for most things. Been using them for the past 18 months now and never had an issue.
I'm generally willing to try anyone/anything once and see what happens.
Depends on a few different variables really but mostly time. I use a very local printer if its a rush job and the quality isn't that important. If it's a bigger job and planned properly with a few items and different finishes then I use another one. If its on Foamex or anything like that then its another one.

I've tried a few shocking places, if my rush man is busy. I've only refused to pay for 1 job. The colours and stock was terrible and it looked like it had been trimmed by a five year old.

They are all fairly local though, all within 15 miles. I think it's important to try and keep smaller local businesses going.
I also agree with all my friends but one thing I must say that low quality can be internally used but for customers; either in the form of brochure, flyer or anything, you must use top quality printers because the more better marketing you did, the more better results you get.