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Printers for design - How do you print yours?

What print solutions do you use in your studio?

What printers and finishing equipment do studios who deal with mainly packaging design have/use.
What's the printer of choice for an Advertising agency...Laserjet or Inkjet, wide format or standard?
If you do lots of print work how exactly do your studio keep on top of those colours?

All would be very interesting to hear.

For instance, we do a lot of packaging design and at the moment, we have over 20 designers all printing to our one workhorse Xerox 7800 (which can cause problems), printing the flat nets on our Xerox 7800, having to tile the massive nets over many A3 sheets, then line up all the A3 printout to make the complete flat design before then spay mounting to card and finally cutting them out by hand to make the box mockup to show a client.

The colours are OK from the Xerox but never a good as I would like. We get proofs from a printers to make sure they are correct though.

But other places I've worked we had proofer in the studio...but even then still got proofs from the printers, and another place we were very lucky to have a Roland printer than printed and cut out the packaging nets, big time saver but expensive an high upkeep, and rather than using spray mount we had lamination machines to apply the printouts to the card stock.

What way works best for you?