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printer query


Senior Member
Hi all

I want to get a printer. I want to get something that I can use for day to day things and something that it good enough so i can print proofs etc.

i have about £100 to spend. are there any recommendations?



Staff member
I personally use Canon printers - ip5200 (a4 - need a new one a some point though), ix4000 (a3) and a very old bjc5500 (a2) which hardly gets used these days but its still handy to have just in case :).

They do me fine for my needs and they're usually pretty good value on the inks (I only use branded ink) and the prints from the ip5200 and ix4000 on the correct paper are fantastic considering their prices in my opinion, the added bonus is they use the same cartridges :).

So my recommendation is take your pick from canon printers which have individual cartridges, the main difference is usually the speed at which they print, not the quality in my experience.


Senior Member
Canos are probably the cheaper ones to use. If your going to use it day to day printers such as HP and the likes will cost you a fortune in ink.

What do you want the printers to print?
What sizes printing are you looking for a4?a3?
Do you want the printer to be able to print to the edge?