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Printer Help


Junior Member
Thank you for your time. I am just starting my design career and need help choosing a home printer. My essential needs will be to preview the project on paper for composition and to some degree colour before i send to print. As well copying ,scanning, and faxing would be nice, but maybe a separate machine is recommended for that. What do you think. I do plan on working for someone but might take extra jobs on the side and would need my own means. i will not (as i see it) be using the printer for the final output. Recommendations please...the more specific the better ie. laser/ink, brand x model x...
(if you think from experience my needs could grow please let me know and consider it when recommending).

Thanks in advance


Well-Known Member
I've had a an Epson Stylus Photo R300 for several years now and it's never let me down. Only goes to A4 but it does borderless printing and even printing directly onto CDs, if you like that kind of thing. Its an inket printer but give it some decent epson paper and it gives a great finish.