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Printer advice please!


Junior Member
Hi there,

Don't all shout at me but yes I use a PC and have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and consequently my very old Epson printer is no longer supported so am looking to buy a new one.

I'm looking for something A3 sized and Epson have recommended the Stylus Office B1100. It's looks like it might do the job and is well priced (£165 from Amazon) but having read some reviews I'm not sure if the print quality will be good enough or not.

I'll be using it at home for personal projects and some a bit of cheeky freelance outside of my normal job. What do you guys think? Have you got this printer or can you recommend something for a similar price but better?



Senior Member
Hey Akemi

I wont shout. I use a PC with windows 7 too and I love it. I think canons are always a good shout CANON Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II - A3 Colour Inkjet Printer A3 Colour Inkjet Printer 4800 x 2400 dpi One £319.27 - UK-computers.co.uk but it depends on how much you are willing to spend.

The canon in the link is like £300 something, but there are good ones for less money.

I wanted to get one but just dont have the room, but I have an internal printing department in my building that do a3 colour prints for 30p so I think il just do that when I need them.

Im sure the epson one you said would do the job. How much are the refill inks though?


Staff member
I use an ix4000 (the ix5000 is the same but slightly faster) for my freelance prints if needed, it's not quite up there with the 9000 but then neither's the price, it's around 150 now.

Can't stand epson printers, feel they oversaturate their prints, hp would be my second choice after canon.


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Thanks guys.

I'm a bit wary of getting a HP printer as it looks like the ones that compare to the Epson I was recommended are really ropey with Windows 7 and I've read mixed reviews overall. However, I'll have a look at the Canon iX4000 as that's £225 on Amazon so not loads more than the Epson. I'll also check out the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 for comparison, but if I can get away with the lower spec-ed iX4000 it will save me £100.

Has anyone else got any recommendations? Or any printers I should definately avoid?


Staff member
get the ix4000 from lambdatek, used them before, brilliant service, replaced my adf scanner before I'd even returned the faulty one.

1464B016 Canon PIXMA IX4000 BUBBLE JET A3+ - 4800X1200DPI USB 2.0 IN - only £187 plus a couple of quid for postage :)

Just for reference, I've used my ix4000 on windows xp, vista 64bit and windows 7 64bit, windows 7 has built in drivers for it but you can get add ons 'drivers' from canon to boost it's features.
Hi Akemi,

I have a 3 year old HP Business Inkjet 2800, with half inks (that come with the box) and only used this printer between 10-15 prints.

Any reasonable offer accepted, I'm sure I have the box and can chuck in free delivery too.


Junior Member
Levi - that's a bargain! Looks like that printer is a serious contender with the Epson Stylus one I was also looking at so I'm going to compare the two and make a decision from there.

andy - Thanks, why are you selling the printer? I have to admit, I am a bit warey of HPs as it looks like a lot of them have problems with Windows 7 but the HP website says that model is Windows 7 ready - not sure what that means and if its a good thing or not!!
Akemi, I'm selling it purely because it's taking up space when and is no longer required... I don't think it was required in the first place to be honest, hence the 10-15 prints since we first bought it 3 years ago!

It's network compatible by the way so would suit an office setup too. If you're local you are welcome to nip by and have a look (I'm based in Bolton).