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Printed Portfolio


Senior Member
I've got an interview with a studio tomorrow. A friend suggested that I should definitely take a printed portfolio with me. I'm not too sure about this because:

a) My portfolio is all on-line already
b) I have several projects that include video
c) It seems like a epic waste of ink

Having said that I could do with some insight from those associated with studios, as to whether this should be something to consider.



Staff member
have you got an ipad or one of the (better :p) android alternatives or even the hp touchpad (bargain of the year that was :))

Would be an easy option to do a digital portfolio that uses that instead. I've used my hp touchpad (now running cyanogenmod aka android 4.0:p) to show work to clients and it's usually pretty good due to the fact it can be zoomed in etc... also shows a 'greener' side to you

ps if you don't the asus/google nexus 7 (stock android jelly bean) will be a very good deal at £200 for 16gb model if you can live with a 7inch model. Good screen (ips like ipad), good cpu etc


Staff member
well just thinking it's better than having no portfolio with you and it doesn't mean printing stuff out. You can always have a mem stick or dvd with you too. Not all companies let you use their computers after all.

ps there is edit lol


I would just take your tablet in, as Levi says, on the off chance that for whatever reason you can't use their computers. That way you know you can show your portfolio to them without having to print anything off.