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Printed portfolio, digital portfolio or both

Morning all!

Currently I'm updating my CV and portfolio and was thinking which is the best way to show my portfolio off? Obviously if its a catalogue I have done it will need to be a printed copy also with some leaflets and things also.. but branding now would it be best to print of pages of the logo and brand identity or make this a interactive pdf going through the pages?

please let me know your thoughts on this subject or what you have done?


p.s If this is in the wrong section please feel free to move it. thanks.


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Have both, so you can at any time choose to show either. Or both.

Even if you prefer the printed approach, someone might want to see some work via email at a future time.
I've always gone for both, branded with consistency. PDFs get used more often for me as it's a bit easier to tailor the content to be relevant the client/ potential client. For face to face meetings I much prefer a physical folio to presenting off a laptop, but I'm mainly a print designer.
Same. 99% of my work is printed. But I have a high quality PDF, a web-quality PDF and A3 printed versions of my portfolio.

I've also used the HQ PDF to print out and wire-bind to send in to a couple of jobs, or have handy as a quick flick-through for people. It's quick and not too pricey, especially if I want to tailor/update the work.


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Hello there

I am in the same condition with you. However I still in the process of building up my online portfolio.
I think I will print some design works as postcards. And try to send to somewhere I am interested, I think better bring sth to the interview once your are shortlisted. good luck !
Something I have adopted is to have my print portfolio without the sleeves, just loose items people can sift through and get a tactile feel for different papers/finishes chosen and to see more than just particular spreads. I have an online site as well of course as that is a necessity.