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Printed calendars

Work aside, I'm a member of a car club (Mk2 Golf Owners Club) and we're looking to get 2015 calendars printed with big glossy pictures of the members cars. Last year we just had a PDF download but I'd like to get proper calendars done for members to purchase.

I would settle with going for a templated layout for the actual calendar bit as I don't want to re-invent the wheel, but would like to have more of a say in style than the online services I've found so far provide. I'd also would like to pre-fill key dates for certain car shows, meets and events.

Also the online services generally seem to be geared up for single items or quantities of 5-10 or so for families and friends. I'm not sure on numbers yet but I'd expect we'd be able to shift a few of hundred or so.

Can anyone help or recommend any companies that produce calendars of this nature?

thanks in advance :D


Staff member
Can't help on the supplier but I'm going to make a suggestion :)

As you don't know how many I'd like to suggest a 'batch order' where people can first see the 'mockup' and then they can agree to buy x copies before you order. Maybe make the first run slightly different with a 'special image' or something and charge a little extra :)

That way you're not over ordering and you can always have a second print run if more are needed.

Might be worth shouting the printers we have on the forum as they might offer a 'calendar' service.