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Print Quotes

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Any printing companies on here able to send me a printable (pdf.doc) quote for 500 X full colour, digital printed, double sided business cards on 300 or 400 gsm board and matt printed. Also need 500 A5 single sided full colour leaflets on standard stock? its for funding and i will purchase them once funding is approved.

Plus im also looking for a print re-selling option

Hi... is it too late to try and win some business? I'm running an offer for the next 3 weeks:

Full Colour Both Sides, Litho Printed Business Cards
400gsm, Matt Lam Both Sides
Spot UV One Side

1k for £80+vat, 2k for £105+vat, 5k for £160+vat

I'll need 2 x files, one for print and one for UV layer... instructions available. Get them delivered special delivery (included in price) in 10 days from order date.

Andy - andy(at)printing4designers.co.uk
WELL.... it was meant to be 1st September and then 1st October but I'm seriously hoping for mid-October or 1st November..... so much to prepare and run my business at the same time, but its getting there..... sign up if you haven't done already and we'll let you know when we launch. If you want to get involved in some way I'm open to suggestions too.



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I signed up a few weeks ago, Andy. I'm always keen to find good printers to work with when I have any projects required them.

neil AT theworkof.co.uk - Send me an email if you have any design-related needs or simply to give me a few more details.
Hi Neil, I've got quite a few people to contact but don't worry you are definitely on my list... I'm going to email everyone individually based on what they've asked for / suggested so I will be emailing you in due course... just need to sort out a few things on our end first.
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