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Print Quote, Presentation Folders

Morning people. Wondering if anyone knows of a uk print supplier the can produce presentation folders at jaw dropping rates. Below is and example of what i am after with the 3mm spine. Not too fussed about the pocket type, i just want some form of pocket incorporated.

Let me know if anyone can help, or share some cheap printing suppliers

right so where do you think i got that image from, you think i'd spend my time piecing together a nice little graphic, with the pretty little drop shadows and the layout to show what i'm after?

Or do you think i spent a couple of hours trekking through multiple printers online to eventually ask here for a second opinion or maybe a better deal?

lol why did you even bother posting that?


Senior Member
Because you didn't post enough information, regarding quantities and spec. You asked for "presentation folders at jaw dropping rates". That's not really much to go on for anyone to help you. My post was a bit tongue in cheek I suppose, but your post needs more information.
Cool, well looking for a quote on

2 colour to 1 side uncoated stock
3 or 5mm spine.
Business card slot (if incorporated in total price, if not don't worry)

250/300g stock whichever is standard for particular print shop

Also price for matt lamination with and without to one side plz