Print Quote Needed: Business Cards


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Hey all

I have reason to believe there are a couple of printers on here that do a special rate or can negotiate rates for DF members etc. So thought i'd get a quote before I go with my usual printers for business cards.

I currently use | Matt Laminated Business Cards, Stationery sets and more and for £56.35 (250 Qty) or £67.85 (500 Qty) I can get

Double Sided Matt Laminated Full Colour
6mm Rounded Corners
Litho Printed
Delivery and Vat also included in the price.

I've used these a lot for my own previous cards, and also client ones if they needed me to print them.

I thought i'd look on here to see if there are any printers who can beat that price? I'm also looking at a possible spot uv layer so if you can do spot uv then if that could be included in a quote as well that would be good.

I can be contacted by PM on here or via email at adam(AT)

Hi Adam,

The print prices i can beat... However I can not do rounded edges. What you're getting there sounds quite good!

Bellow are the prices for the cards without rounded corners

250 Business Cards 400gsm (FREE Matt, Gloss Lamination Upgrade) [Double Sided] £48.00
500 Business Cards 400gsm (FREE Matt, Gloss Lamination Upgrade) [Double Sided] £57.00

Prices inc VAT and Delivery.

All the best


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I sent a PM about this thread to all the printers we have on the forums (including Jim) hopefully they'll be along soon to quote :)


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Ahhh cheers Greg, much appreciated! Will wait and see what shows up.

Cheers for the link Bren, i'm looking for 400GSM really, don't like them being any less as they feel too flimsy! I know the price for what you get is good from but they can afford to do that due to being part of a bigger print company (printedeasy is a sister company for a bigger one).
I just thought i'd check on here in case there might be a better deal :)


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Neil from the DF forum from did some rounded business cards for someone in the agency, very quick 2 day delivery from pdf despatch I think and no problem. Would recommend.
Oioi... a little late for this post.

For what you specify Kudosis, Your current supplier sounds like a good price.

I can do LITHO, 400gsm, MATT LAM, ROUND CORNERS... but they're coming in at approx £100 a set

tweak that spec and save £££ - 350gsm matt lam, from £20 a set

Cheers Kudosis ;) - come grab a sample pack.

This post keeps coming up on our google analytics and had a few requests because of it so thanks for the mention!

I don't know if you know - but we do offer spot UV on business cards - it is an option on the page towards the bottom.

If anybody else would like a sample pack with examples of our business cards in, please let me know!


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No worries :)

I see you do UV now, but at the moment I don't have the spare income for the cost of it, maybe when I finally decide on a design to stick with for a couple of years i'll invest more!

So when I order my new business cards at the end of this month, will I get some discount for the recommendations and all the traffic you've got? :D (Don't ask, don't get! :) )

Will be sending a clients cards to be reprinted and also their new price lists too at the end of this month too hopefully, awaiting confirmation from them.