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Print Job required

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get some A5 flyers printed for myself and looking around for the most cost effective price:

A5 Flyer – Matt Laminated both sides 350gsm - 4 colour process

Quantity 500
Quantity 1000

Plus delivery


Hi Steve,

500 flyers would be £199
1,000 flyers are £230.

(These are printed full colour LITHO, not digital) and delivery is free.

If you go to our flyer page there are lots of options you can choose from and all the prices are displayed on there. - PrintedEasy.com | Flyers


The difference between Digital and litho is that litho is normally used for much larger print run.. normally 1000>, it also normally gives a better quality over digital. But for quantities below 500, you are most cheaper to go digital.

The best digital printers nowadays can get really close to the quality of Litho and they also don't need to be set up. for instance, if you go litho, you need to produce a set of plate which are used in the printing press to produce your print. with digital, its click and go.

hope that helps!

email me if you want a quote..