Print from high res video


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I have a png file that was taken from a 360 video. The size is 4096 x 2048 px (1444.98 x 722.49 mm) at 72 dpi. This need to cover the top half of the back of an exhibition stand that is 2800 mm wide. I don't think the print quality is super high res and it's ok if the image is a bit grainy.
I know that print is supposed to be 300 dpi, and that's what the printer asked for. So if I scale the image up to 300 dpi and 2800 mm width, is it going to be really bad?
Any opinion would be appreciated.


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Your image at 300dpi will be about 350mm wide. Expand this to 2800mm and you end up with about 40dpi.

There is a place for grainy images but I'm not sure an exhibition stand is the place for this.


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is it going to be really bad?
Yes, while you might not need 300dpi for this type of work, the resolutions is far too low imo for it to be 'smooth'.

Does it need to be in focus maybe you could get away with a soft blur on it or something, if it does need to be in focus then you need a higher res image I'm afraid.