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Pricing for Bulk Webdesign

Hi All some help would be appreciated

I have been approached by an IT company who need a design for the back end of a travel and booking system. In total there are about 71,000 pages that need doing.

As the design in easy, but the time it will take ?

Does anyone know what a usual price per page for bulk work.


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71,000 pages!!!! backend!!!! --- either some one pulling your plonka! or thats one sh!t system :)

More likely there is a template system in place, if not, get some help :) -- Price by the hour, or per 100 page which ever lines your pocket better.
Thanks everyone for there comments.

@Sunburn - No its real, i was given a password and was able to login to the system, and it is from a company I know and have done some work for in the past.
Yeah I was kinda shocked too. I dont have much knowledge of backend systems being a designer but when i look it is a v comprehensive system allowing for all manner of travel bookings worldwide.
I havent had much time to really look properly, but i also think that there has to be some kind of template system.
I do have a small agency so is not me alone will give to some jnr designers after the look and feel has been created.

The problem im having is how to price have never done bulk so not sure what others charge. Also must be v careful for pricing, as it could either be v lucrative for the right price but could be v bad if quote even slightly wrong price. Also Im gonna have to get another couple of jnr designers so I have to invest some capital in more computers IT and management.

Any help you guys could be would be great

not all are full pages some half and some full-so they need a quote per page for half and full


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I think you offer advice on new developments. How can a website be managed/used with that amount of pages. You also need to take into consideration what type of language etc its using in the backend. Some systems require similar frameworks to develop new designs. This needs to be planned out, don't jump in at the deep end, this could be a headache.
Thanks for everyone help, went looked at it more there are a couple of thousand individual pages but there are a lot of pages that run on a template and php system.