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New Member
I know everyone has there own idea of the worth of their work, but is there an average price to expect to pay for a T-shirt design, I have a small budget currently, but as with any business if I find the right designer, I'd like to keep them. I am mainly (at this moment) looking for a few vector characters, but moving on I will be requiring a regular supply of good designs....

if this is in the wrong thread ...my apologies

my business is aimed at football fans or 'casuals' as they are now called



Staff member
Usually paid per hour. Depending on the complexity.

Some take an hour so that's what you are charged.

The more complex the longer it takes and the more it costs.

Also the more revisions = more time.

If you can establish an hourly rate with someone or a daily rate with someone that would be ideal.

There's some great illustrators on these forums, ThisNorthernBoy is quite good.


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The price you could expect to pay for any image would depend on a lot of things such as the style of illustration, how much detail is involved, size, colour or black and white etc.

Could be anything from £50 to £500.


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Thanks Wardy, much appreciated, I am not in the position to be spending £500 a design, but in the future, I hope to be. once again thanks