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Price guide on Logo if possible?

Yesterday i created the logo below for someone over in the states who needed a freebie, they were just starting out in their new business so i offered to help them out.

They were really happy with the result, Snail Productions is the company name and they convert VHS to DVD. I tried to make the shell resemble some DVD discs.

My question being if this was a 'real' client how much could i of charged, any indication would be a great help for future quotes.



Staff member
How long did it take, how many concept revisions etc, there are so many variables that need to be taken into account that saying £x is not an easy thing. You've also got to take into account the brief, you would charge different if it just creating a logo from their sketch than if you were designing the logo for their corporate identity as they have different amount of work involved.

But as a general rule, most graphic designers out my way charge around the £20-30 per hour. Now tot up how long you realistically spent on the logo plus any time you had for communications etc and it will give you an idea of how much you could charge for it.

I'm sure some others will give their view etc too.


Senior Member
£30/hour is fair, judge it on what you think aswell. If you think it would have taken you an hour or two if you'd just got on with it rather than cocking around, eating lunch, posting on DF (I'm talking about me now, and no doubt one or two other people on here) and it took you more like 5, then charge what you feel is appropriate.
Logos are a difficult one to call as it all depends on what you feel you have put into it. Personally I won't let any of our design team show a logo idea to a client untill the next day after they have drawn or created it, that way they normally come in the next day with more ideas to tweak it and make it better. It is the fact that when you stop thinking about it that your brain thinks of improvements.

If it takes you an hour, charge for an hour. If you put a lot of time into it, charge for a lot of time